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Derek Voigt


Author of the works: “Playing the Violin: A Pedagogical Analysis of Violin Technique and Performance Practice,” and the Comprehensive String Series: “Early Success,” Derek Voigt is an internationally acclaimed violinist and pedagogue. He is currently the Director of the String Music Department at Chatfield College near Cincinnati, Ohio. More…

JaeEun Lee


Ms. JaeEun Lee holds her master degree at CCM (University of Cincinnati) and she is now in doctoral degree in violin performance at the same school. Her bachelor degree in music performance is earned in Korea. A native of Korea, Ms. Lee has been playing the violin for eighteen years and joined numerous music festivals in Korea, Guam, China, Indonesia, and Italy. More…

David Myers

david myers

David Myers is a versatile performer with a repertoire spanning over 500 years. Having received early childhood training as a pianist, David took his first cello lesson at the age of 12. He is a strong advocate of historically informed performance practice and performs regularly on baroque cello as well as the viola da gamba. More…