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Linda Bergholz


By the time Linda graduated Felicity-Franklin High School in 1974, she was already an accomplished choral accompanist and soloist, piano and flute instructor, wedding accompanist, pianist for a gospel group (The Alliance, a youth band), and church pianist.  After instruction with Naomi Stone and Doris Sargent, Linda attended the University of Cincinnati, studying with Powell Grant at College Conservatory of Music and earning both a B.A. in Literature and a Writing Certificate in Journalism.

Upon graduation, Linda taught for the Wurlitzer Piano and Organ Company, followed by Baldwin Piano and Organ.  In 1982, she, along with partner and friend Lenore Wilkinson, founded Junior Music Experience (JME), a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering piano student education.  Upon the birth of her son, Andrew, Linda created a home-based studio.  In 1985, she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and taught at Summerfield Academy.  When she returned to Cincinnati in 1988, Linda re-established her home studio, as well as resuming her career as a church pianist for Loveland United Methodist Church.  Her daughter, Katie, was born in 1989, and Linda continued as Director of JME, taught preschool music at Indian Hill Church, and played keyboard and flute for the Heritage Trio.

In 2003, Linda added to her teaching practice a position at Leaves of Learning (LOL), a home-school based venue of enrichment classes for home-school students.  She recognized the need for quality instruction based on the individual student, and the need for a music academy in the Loveland area.  After several years of research and planning, in June 2007, Linda and Aaron O’Keefe formed a corporation, Loveland Music Academy, Inc. (LMA).  Linda currently teaches nearly 70 students at LMA and LOL, continues as Executive Director of JME, and is a member-at-large of the Loveland Arts Council.

“I teach from age six through adults; each lesson is tailored to the individual student.  I believe that it is important for students to be exposed to all types and styles of music–from classical to jazz, rock to gospel, country to blues, broadway to reggae, we all find our “niche”–and learn to make the music we love.  My goal in teaching a student is not that they win awards, but that they carry the love of listening to and playing music for a lifetime.  You can’t always find someone to play a game of soccer or basketball or tennis with you, but you can always sit down to a piano (or keyboard, or pick up the flute) and make music yourself.”  All of her instruction includes theory, technique and improvisation.

As a Managing Partner of LMA, Linda hopes to encourage students to pursue whatever type of music and instrument they desire–piano, keyboards, flute, percussion, woodwinds, brass, strings, harp, voice–and, since we love the performing arts, acting as well!

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