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Claudia Bow

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Claudia Bow, a Loveland local, has been performing music regularly for over 14 years. She began on trumpet, which has been her focus since the start. Attending Loveland High School, she took on as many musical opportunities as she could. On trumpet, she was a member of Loveland’s Symphonic, Jazz, Marching, and Show Choir bands, with the addition of various solo and ensemble groups. With choir and piano in her background alongside trumpet, she took on a path of music education upon graduation. 


Getting her Bachelor’s of Music Education at Northern Kentucky University, she studied under Dr. George Carpten IV and Dr. Brant Karrick, heightening her trumpet performance abilities in lessons and NKU’s top performance band. In classes, she developed skills in a wide variety of instruments and conducting techniques, taking up an additional focus on piano, electric bass, french horn, and trombone, while also spending time learning the other brass and woodwind instruments with the intent to teach after graduating.


With a belief that music can change and inspire lives, Claudia hopes to take what she’s learned to help other students of all ages find joy within their own music, grow as a musician, and most of all, have fun along the way. 

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