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Newsletter – October 2012

October Newsletter
Wally Wallace / Student of the Month

Eric Blume, Wally’s drum teacher, had this to say, “Wally Wallace was determined to get straight to work this summer. He and his father Jeff came to me around June and explained that Wally wanted to be in concert band this year but that he might have some catching up to do. It wasn’t but a few weeks into our lessons that it became clear that Wally was practicing hours every day. So I suggested to Jeff that Wally might want to do an hour long lesson every week. Well they agreed and Wally began learning at an accelerated rate. After a month or so Jeff was so impressed he signed Wally up for another hour long lesson a week for the final month before the audition. I’m proud to say that Wally has met all the criteria for the audition and is now polishing his skills at jam nights every Sunday. I am so proud of Wally and his father. Jeff made sure that Wally had everything he needed , including getting the music Wally needed for the audition, providing the lessons and supplies, bringing Wally to every single jam night, (for which Wally has perfect attendance) and simply just showing an interest. I can honestly say Wally is the best student I have had in my 15 years as a music educator. He has learned to play almost a dozen genres of music , his sight reading has improved, as well as his genral understaning of music and he is playing solos over 12 bar forms. I would like to thank Jeff for his support and I think we would all like to wish Wally the best at his audition. Good luck buddy I know you can do it!”
Nisbet Park Recital Photos and Video Online

Our students had a great time performing at Loveland’s Bands, Bites and Bikes Festival. To see photos of the students please follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151177550157755.497844.163271867754&type=3

And to see videofootage of their outstanding performances: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0fhKbjBj2I&feature=results_video

Junior Music Experience at LMA
LMA is pleased to host the November Junior Music Experience evaluations on Saturday, November 17th from 8:30 to 4:00. JME is a piano student evaluation program designed to positively reinforce music education and provide feedback for those students being evaluated by a judge. For more information, visit the JME website @ www.jmex.org
Applefest Recital Photos Now Online

All of our students did a wonderful job at the Lebanon Applefest. To see photos of the performance please follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151248111572755.510085.163271867754&type=3

Student Anecdote of the Month!!!
This month we’re beginning a new “feature” in our newsletter–a music teachers’ take on the old Art Linkletter “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”. Students often tell us things that they have no idea are funny, or deliberately entertain us, and we’d like to share some with you. So, to start things off:”So, I’m sitting in my red leather chair in the corner of my studio, feet up on the piano bench, head back, eyes closed, just relaxing until it’s time for my next student. Andy is at my desk, talking with me while waiting for his student as well. I hear the door open and I look up and see Lauren standing in the doorway. Total deadpan–“Oh, I thought you were dead.” Excuse me? “Well, I didn’t see Andrew sitting there at your desk, so I though maybe you were having a heart attack or something.” Now, mind you, she didn’t seem in the least bit perturbed or concerned…”
Students Prepare For the Babblefish Recording Studio
Between September and December our students will be hard at work preparing new songs to record. Babblefish Studios in Franklin, OH has a wide selection of top notch instruments and the owner, Steve Falearos, is always a pleasure to work with. Here are some of the songs the students are working on:

Wet Sand by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Slow Cheetah by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Longest Day by Iron Maiden
Ghost of the Navigator by Iron Maiden
Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine
Thank You by Led Zeppelin
Legacy by Iron Maiden
Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden

New Faculty Member / LMA Welcomes Amanda Huey
Amanda Huey, the newest addition to Loveland Music Academy, focuses on Vocal Health/Training, Piano, acting and all the extra skills needed to put on a confident, meaningful performance; proper warm-ups, audition preparation and etiquette, repertoire-building, sight-reading, scene study, and expression through song. She started piano lessons at the age of 4 with Linda Bergholz, and hasn’t stopped playing since. With that kind of passion and homeschooler’s schedule, Amanda spent her childhood exploring and honing all different art forms. She picked up voice, guitar, and a love of acting that helped her achieve many prominent roles in high school plays like; Flowers for Algernon, Jabberwock, Because Their Hearts Were Pure, and Revenge of the Space Pandas.

Inspired to change the world through art, she decided after graduating high school in 2007 to let that inspiration carry her seven hours away to Winchester, VA., where she attended Shenandoah Conservatory. Majoring in Musical Theatre Accompaniment with a minor in Voice, she spent the next five years studying under such names as Dr. Elizabeth Caluda (Classical Piano, Vocal Pedagogy), Dr. Karen Keating (Musical Theatre Piano/Musical Theatre Voice), Tom Brooks/Caroline Grigsby (Acting and Acting Through Song), and Dr. Thomas Albert/Jonathan Flom (Music Directing, Accompaniment, Audition Prep.).

Throughout her college career, she performed as rehearsal/pit pianist for musicals such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Street Scene, Wild Party, A Chorus Line, The Boyfriend, Cabaret, and many others. She also found jobs as Music Director for children’s summer camps throughout Winchester, most notably, Growing Stage Inc. Amanda coached children aged 10-18 through shows like Les Miserables (high school edition), Jason Robert Brown’s 13, and Aladdin Jr. In 2012, she graduated from Shenandoah, equipped with her BFA and an even greater passion for coaching performers of all ages how to really steal a stage. She is very excited to join the LMA family and to continue spreading the joy, self-confidence, and inner-strength that can only be found through art.
Halloween Recital October 28th
Elizabeth Koontz will be having a Halloween Costume Recital for all of her students on October 28 at 2:00 pm at Christ Church at Mason.
Faculty Member Elizabeth Koontz Performing
Elizabeth Koontz will be the guest artist at Christ Church in Mason on October 21, singing in both the 9:30 and 11:00 services.
Kristin Agee Performs with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra
Kristin Agee, a drum instructor at LMA, will be performing timpani with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra on Saturday. They’ll be performing the entire sound track of “Pirates of the Caribbean” along with a showing of the film. All music will be performed live by the orchestra during the movie!! http://kyso.org/ for more information or tickets. Two performances on Saturday, Oct 13th, one at 2:00pm and the other at 8:00pm.