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Newsletter – October 2011

October Newsletter
LMA Mourns the Loss of Mitchell Schnure
LMA mourns the loss of one of our piano instructors, Mitchell Schnure, who passed away on Oct. 1st. A gifted pianist, he also played alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, as well as bass guitar. Mitch was a superb accompanist and teacher–his sight-reading skills were remarkable, and both his teachers and students loved his sweet, gentle nature and quiet, kind sense of humor. Mitch loved penguins, Jazz, OSU football, and sharing his love of music with his students. He will be greatly missed. Memorial donations can be made to the Mitchell Schnure Memorial Scholarship Fund at any 5/3 Bank.
Student of the Month / Jace Niven
Congratulations to Jace Niven, our student of the month. Jace has made a great deal of progress over the past few months.

After studying his open chords Jace quickly began learning the acoustic guitar part in “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater. After only a month, he learned how to play the complicated argeggios in the song with a metronome set at 102 bpm. As a result of all his hard work, Jace will be going to Babblefish Recording Studios in January to record “Pull Me Under” with 7 other students.

Jace is also studying “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens.

Keep up the great work Jace!
Students’ Version of “Loved By The Sun” Now Online!

The students’ cover of “Loved By The Sun” by Tangerine Dream is now online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE9I8eGgJfo This song was mixed and mastered by Clemens Schleiwies, a mixing engineer in Berlin, Germany. This extremely challenging piece took nearly a year to learn, rehearse, record and videotape. The students recorded 32 tracks of audio to produce this beautiful arrangement!

The video also garnered the attention of “Legend” screenwriter, William Hjortsberg. Tangerine Dream wrote “Loved By the Sun” for the movie back in 1985. William contacted the academy after seeing the video and had this to say:

Thank you so very much for your wonderful video. It brought tears of joy to my eyes to see these beautiful children playing your perfect arrangement of the “Legend” music.

The work you are doing with young people is the single most important job on the planet and I applaud you for it. Also, very nice to know that “Legend” has found an audience in a generation not even born when the film was made.
Ask Your Teacher About the December 10th Recital
Our next variety recital will be on Saturday, December 10th at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Morrow. All students are encouraged to participate in this recital which will feature full bands, solos and duets. Please let your teacher know if you would like to perform!
Co-Owner of LMA Records Album
Aaron O’Keefe, a singer and mulit-instrumentalist, finally managed to find the time to record 3 songs for his album. Please follow this link to hear the results: http://www.aaronokeefe.com/myalbum.htm

Kristin Agee, a drum instructor at LMA, recorded the drums on “Temporarily” and Andy McLain, a guitar instructor at LMA, recorded the acoustic guitars on the song. A big thanks goes out to these fantastic musicians!

Aaron has nearly 20 more songs to record, so stay tuned for new releases!
Christmas In Loveland / December 17th
Please let your instructor know if you would like perform at LMA during Christmas in Loveland. We invite everyone to stop by for some cookies and punch and to hear the students perform your favorite Christmas songs. To see video footage of our students performing in 2009 please follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOWQ4Wcft3Q
Two LMA Students Make It Into Loveland Stage Band
Congratulations to Ben Lipp and Trace Dunning for making it into Loveland’s 8th grade Stage Band.

LMA Guitar Instructor Mixes and Masters Album
Andy Mclain, a guitar instructor at LMA, recently completed mixing and mastering folk artist Gary Blanchard’s newest CD, Ghosts of Forests Past. The album is currently available at Amazon both as a CD and as a digital download. Following in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Gary Blanchard performs original and traditional folk music on 12-string guitar and a long-neck, 5-string banjo.

Mclain said about the project:

“Working with Gary was a wonderful experience, as he and I both draw inspiration from the same 20th-century American Folk tradition. Mixing folk albums can be a challenge because you want to retain the transparency and authenticity of the performance, rather than the elaborate production of modern rock and pop records. I’m very honored that Gary chose me to help preserve his musical vision and can’t wait for us to work together again!”
LMA Students Record “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin
The students did a fantastic job on the 3rd video from the Nashville trip. To watch the video please follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx6LhBvo8Ms
LMA Welcomes Dan Naegele to the Faculty
Dan Naegele has loved playing the piano since he was a child, and went on to major in Piano Performance at the College Conservatory of Music right here in Cincinnati, studying piano with Awadagin Pratt and John Steele Ritter, and Piano Pedagogy with Dr. Michele Conda. He has gained an excellent amount of experience performing, coaching, accompanying, and teaching.
Dan strives to share this love of music with his students by tailoring lessons to their musical tastes and natural abilities. He teaches classical, jazz, blues, and pop music, all while the student gains a solid understanding of the underlying theory and structure of music. He has taught kids and adults of all ages from 5 to 65, and his even keel and friendly approach make it an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone. Dan was homeschooled as a child, and attributes a lot of his success to the low-stress, family friendly atmosphere he enjoyed while being brought up. He strives to bring the same focused, fun approach to his studio.
Dan is an active member of Immaculate Conception Church in Norwood, singing and accompanying the church and school choirs for the past 7 years. He has resided in Loveland since 1996, and hopes to bring the love of music to as many people as possible here at Loveland Music Academy.
Julia Wilcox’s Formal Recital / December 4th
Julia Wilcox’s piano students will be having a recital at the Epiphany United Methodist Church in Loveland at 2:00 on December 4th. Be sure to stop by and listen to this fantastic group of musicians!

L.I.F.E Giving Tree at LMA
Next week, the L.I.F.E. giving tree will go up—gift tags for those that are in need of help during the holidays. Please consider taking at least one tag and purchasing the item on it, then return it, tag attached and UNWRAPPED, beneath the tree. The past two years we have filled 100 tags—it makes a huge difference in our community. For more information about this organization please visit their website: http://www.lovelandinterfaith.org/
LMA Welcomes Eric Blume to the Faculty

Eric Blume’s years of dedication to drumming and music, has inspired many students and fans. Fulfilling an early interest in recording, he founded The Rubber Room Recording Studio in the early ‘nineties, recording a significant number local and national acts from the blues scene and beyond. His association with Columbus Americana Bluesman Ray Fuller began shortly after a stint with Columbus Icon Willie Pooch. and found him not only drumming for the veteran rocker but also engineering three of his albums including, “Pearlene,” “Twist of Fate,” and ” Live @ The Thirsty Ear.”
As a student of the art of drumming and music, it is Eric’s goal to continue to work with veterans of the music world. Eric also enjoys sharing what he has learned with his students, in the hopes that they will have similar kinds of positive experiences.
Junior Music Experience at LMA
On Saturday, November 19th, LMA will be hosting Junior Music Experience from 8:00 to 430—approximately 200 students will be participating in a piano student evaluation with 8 judges. We host this event in November and April. Piano students and teachers—if you are not involved in JME, please check out the website, www.jmex.org, and consider participating in the spring.
Loveland Music Academy Show Choir
“A New Venture” is the very first Loveland Music Academy show choir. Open to all 7th and 8th graders in the area, this is not an audition entry process- the first 50 registrants are in! This is an exciting new opportunity to hone your skills and gain group experience. There will be several performance opportunities throughout the year at both public and private venues. This group will not be competitive, but it will be educational and A LOT of fun! Rehearsals begin this Friday, Nov. 4th, at 3:30 in the rehearsal space at Artists On Main. Space is still available if there are students interested in signing up. Contact Katie McLain at katiemariemclain@gmail.com or 513.919.3390.