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Newsletter – March 2012

March Newsletter
Max DeMarks / Student of the Month

Congratulations to Max DeMarks for being nominated Student of the Month! Max has been studying guitar with Andy Mclain for 18 months (in addition to playing the cello!) and consistently shows enthusiasm for practice as well as keeping an open-mind when exploring new pieces of music. Max has performed at Christmas in Loveland for the past two years and he recently completed working on Lamb of God’s “Laid to Rest” – which features both challenging fingering and relentless speed. In the past few months he has also worked on songs by Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica and Disturbed, consistently improving from week to week. Oh, and he’s a pretty funny guy too!
LMA Variety Recital on March 18th at Silverton Cafe
The students next variety recital will be on Sunday, March 18th from 1 to 5:00. This recital will feature piano, drum, flute, violin, voice, guitar, bass guitar and cello performances. The recital will be broken into 45 minute segments. http://www.silvertoncafe.com/
LMA Expands!
We’re so excited to announce the expansions of our overflowing studios! We’re so happy to finally have a large group rehearsal room—Katie McLain and the LMA Show Choir is already rehearsing there on Friday afternoons, and will be thrilled when the neon green paint disappears from the walls—right now it isn’t pretty, but it’s quite functional and we’ll glitz it up soon. There is an enormous mirror so the dancers can see their moves, and likely more mirrors to come.

At the far end of the rehearsal space is Studio 13, Andy Mclains’ guitar, percussion, and recording/sound engineering studio—it’s been a bit dissheveled this past week, but the painting will be completed in the next few days and there is now an actual working door. Andy is excited to be able to offer recording of your student for audition CD’s,

The entrance to Studio 14 is also in the rehearsal space—while the assignments to that studio are still being decided, it will likely house guitar, strings, and woodwinds.

Studio 15 is the last of the new rooms in this renovation. The door to this room is in the hallway next to the Ladies Room. Kristin Agee and Eric Blume have their percussion equipment all set up, as well as a keyboard and amplifiers, so you’ll be able to watch the drumsticks flipping and not one but two drummers beating out those rhythms together.

There is still some renovation to go—we have new commodes in both of the bathrooms, but the rooms are going to be painted, and there will be new flooring and sinks in both. The original bathroom has become a Men’s Room, and the new bathroom is the Ladie’s—no more waiting! The hallways are being painted a bright white, so they will be clean and light, and new flooring will be added in the halls and landing at the top of the stairs as well. The building owners are in the process of getting bids for replacing the peeling flooring on the stairs, then the stairwell will be painted.

You’ll also notice a new directory outside the original suites door so you’ll know where to find your teacher, as there has been some shifting of studio assignments.

Fifteen studios, and large rehearsal space, new bathrooms and general upgrading—we’ve come a long way from the original 4 studios when LMA was founded—we’re so happy that you’re all a part of our growing family and friends. We hope that you’ll continue recommending us and enjoying making music!
LMA Drum Instructor Performs at MOTR Pub

Kristin Agee, percussion instructor at LMA, performed with her band US Today on February 12th. To see Kristin play vibraphone at the show please follow this YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=e6MiRisrvtE

LMA Students Release New Video from Nashville Trip
The students performed a cover of “Doot Doot” by Freur. To check out this incredible performance please follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKRf3As2ks
Julia Wilcox’s Performance Schedule

Julia Wilcox, an LMA piano instructor, updated us on her upcoming performances. Be sure to check out this fantastic instructor and pianist:

Impressario: On 3.17, the Midwest Opera Works will present is debut performance of Mozart’s Impressario at the Mt. Adams Pilgrim Chapel (Cincinnati) at 8pm. This performance will be short and sweet and highly entertaining – and it has been
modernized and translated into English! A fair warning, as with most opera, there is a bit of innuendo. If you interested in attending but are concerned about the content, talk to me and I’ll
give you more details. Suggested donation.

Poison in Paradise: This mini concert tour will take me to NYC,
Youngstown, OH and Cincinnati OH. The Cincinnati performance
will be held on 3.30 at Faith Lutheran Church in Cincinnati,
OH. I will be performing with a great friend and long time
colleague of mine, Amanda Matson, who is a NYC based
soprano. Poison in Paradise: A Collection of Art Song and Aria
is an elegant juxtaposition of innocence and passion mirroring
the pure, naïve Eve in Fauré’s, la chanson d’Eve against a
fervent Juliet in the Poison Aria from Gounod’s Roméo and
Juliet. Works from Quilter, Puccini, Strauss, and Nicolai will
also be performed. The performance will be no longer than 60
minutes. Suggested donation.
Duet Recital Photos Now Online
The duet recital on March 4th went very smoothly and the students did an incredible job. A big thanks goes out to Kim Hicks and the Northeast Community Church. To see the photos please follow the link below. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150713022847755.450725.163271867754&type=1
Webelos 1 Cub Scouts Earn Showman Music Badge
The Webelos 1 Cub Scouts, a group of 4th grade boys from St. Columban School, recently participated in a music seminar at Loveland Music Academy to earn their Showman music badge. Under the direction of Andy Mclain, the boys learned about the origin of folk music, acoustics of singing both indoor and outside, and fundamental notation and rhythm. They played a variety of rhythm instruments, learning about their countries of origin, then explored a various composers and genres of music. The morning ended with the Scouts, accompanied by Mclain on acoustic guitar, enjoying a rousing sing-a-long where they learned the Woody Guthrie folk anthem “This Land is Your Land”, and all earned their badges. Our thanks to Jeff Wolfzorn, their Cub Scout leader, for bringing the boys—we had a terrific time and welcome other groups to contact us for these type of activities!
Students Recording “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater
After nearly 6 months of hard work, the students are now ready to record “Pull Me Under”. In early April they will be going to Babblefish Recording studio to lay down the tracks. Chris Hagan, the videographer, will be using a Scarlett X Red videocamera to capture the recording session. This is the same camera model that the movie “Lord of the Rings” was shot on. We will also have Randy Lefebvre at the session. You can see his photography portfolio here: http://zedrock.com/
Students sell 348 songs on iTunes!
Since posting their songs on iTunes the students have sold 348 singles around the world. With 115 copies sold, “Loved By the Sun” is their best selling cover song. Any profit generated from the sales will be used for a pizza party where the students can watch their recording studio videos in hi-definition and on a high quality sound system.

The students are excited to see their songs reaching a worldwide audience and look forward to posting more songs down the road.
More exiting news about the students’ video of “Magic Dance”
Karen Prell puppeteered several lead characters in the 1986 film Labyrinth. She also worked on several other Jim Henson films. Karen had this to say after seeing the students’ video of “Magic Dance”, a song from Labyrinth’s soundtrack.
Dear LMA,

I just saw the video of your students performing Magic Dance. Very impressive! What a wonderful way to get kids excited about music and enlightening them about the joys and challenges of performance and creating a finished product.

I puppeteered the Worm, the Junk Woman and various goblins and creatures in Labyrinth many years ago. It’s amazing to see that everyone’s hard work on the movie is still celebrated after all these years. I’ll pass this link on to the other puppeteers.

Please congratulate your students and your team on a job well done!

All the best,

Karen Prell
LMA Welcomes Jeff Brown to the Faculty

Jeff obtained a Bachelor of Music from the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati (UC). His degree concentrated in classical repertoire and in performance under the stewardship of Professor Clare Callahan. Before his training at UC, he studied privately with a variety of teachers. From those influences he absorbed a number of styles including blues, rock, progressive, bluegrass, country and classical. Jeff has been a performer for over ten years, performing solo and in rock n roll bands throughout the city of Cincinnati. In addition to private instruction, he would often organize concerts for his students in which to perform. Through his instruction, Jeff’s students learn to appreciate the value of the performance as the ultimate goal of learning how to play. He welcomes anyone who is willing to learn.