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Newsletter – August 2013

Student of the Month / Cameron Preston

Student of the Month / Cameron Preston

Cameron Preston and Eric Blume have been working together for about a year and a half now. Back around february Eric asked Cameron what his plans were after graduatiion and he explained that he had already been accepted to Bowling Green. It was then that Eric realized he only had a few months of lessons left before Cameron would be leaving for college. Eric explained to Cameron that there are some things he might want to learn before he starts his new life at the university. Over the the last few months Cameron has done every single exercise Eric asked him to do including material that might not have been his first choice. As a result Cameron’s jazz, afro cuban and latin playing have all greatly improved as well as his abilities to solo and play double bass drums. Eric is very proud of Cameron for taking the time to learn the material that will make him a more versatile well rounded player. It is Eric’s hope that Cameron will take this information and use it to unlock doors for opportunities that will continue his success as a drummer. Congratulations to Cameron Preston, LMA’s student of the month.
LMA Students New Video from Nashville

The students’ video for Michael Buble’s “Baby You’ve Got What It Takes” was just recently completed. To see this fantastic performances please follow the link below:

Back2School Drive Donations

Zoie and Piper Garman donated FULL backpacks loaded with the entire list of supplies for the Loveland Initiative Back2School drive! They will each receive a gift certificate from
Loveland Sweets from Linda Bergholz’s studio contest. Congratulations ladies!
Photos from The Village Wine Cellar Recital

The students had a great time performing in downtown historic Lebanon. To see photos from this recital please follow the link below.

Students’ video hits 1 MILLION views!

“Cowboys from Hell”, a challenging song by Pantera, was covered by our students back in 2010. After 3 years it has hit 1,043,390 views and each month it continues to get about 10,000 views worldwide. We couldn’t be more proud of these students. To see the video:

Congratulations to Ben Martin and Curtis Moss
Curtis Moss and Ben Martin, after months of hard work, recorded 3 new drum solos at Group Effort Studios. They are the first students at LMA to complete these challenging pieces:

Ben Swift Completes Guitar Solo Book

Ben Swift completed the “12 Bar Blues Solos” instruction manual faster than any of our students so far. Ben was getting a sticker on 1 to 2 solos per week! He is now working on “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix, “Xanadu” by Rush and “Love Song” by The Cure. Keep up the great work Ben!

Silverton Cafe Recital on Friday, September 20th

Please join us on Friday, September 20th for an incredible performance by the students. They will be playing a wide range of music with a full rock band. The students will be playing from 8:30 pm to 10:00.
Students Perform at Hamilton Township Berry Fest

Our students enjoyed having an acoustic performance at the Berry Fest this year. A big thanks goes out to the organizers of the festival and to Jeff Crowder for sharing this video of Nate and Jacob playing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Students Perform at St Francis De Sales Festival

LMA would like to thank Saint Francis De Sales for allowing the students to perform at the festival this year. Several instructors at LMA also helped make this recital possible: Michael Pringle, Josh Cole, Derek Kalback and Morgan Asher. We’re looking forward to playing at the festival next year!
Students Recording “Love Song” by The Cure
The students are hard at work writing their own version of “Love Song” by The Cure. In early October they will be recording at Babblefish Studios in Franklin, OH. Here is the line up for the song:

Elise McKinney / Vocals
Ben Swift / Lead Guitar
Trenton Livingood / Drums
Kane Jacobs / Pan Drum
Carly Jacobs / Organ
Josh Gwynne / Bass
Ruben / Sax

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