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Jaclyn (Jaci) Mrozek enjoys teaching piano lessons to students of all ages and levels by learning through fun and motivation. By using a Montessori type of learning approach, Jaci evaluates each student to determine their natural way of learning. From that evaluation, lessons are planned to suit and tailor to each student’s specific needs.  Jaci teaches not only traditional piano, but broadens the student’s lessons to help them learn by adding ear training, music history, and introduction to improvisation with chords.

Jaci started her own lessons at the age of nine and immediately found that playing and performing came very naturally to her. She has participated in multiple competitions and evaluations in which she has won numerous awards in and around Cincinnati.  She won first place at the annual scholarship competition at Cincinnati Bible College (now named Cincinnati Christian University) when she was only 12 and then again won first place at age of 17.  She was awarded scholarships in both Piano Performance and Music Theory. 

Jaci’s 15 years of teaching experience includes supervising Landen Music Center and teaching from her own independent music studio. She is currently undergoing her certification with the National Music Teacher Association, which she has been an active member of since 2010. As certified director of Mini Maestro Music Together, she has the experience and training in music instruction starting as early as infancy (yes, babies are musical too!) but at the same time, has also prepared high school students for college admission in piano performance, piano pedagogy, and music theory. She can begin instruction for piano as early as the age of five and is qualified to teach up to all advanced levels.

Jaci believes in setting goals, both big and small, and offers many opportunities for growth for her students. These goals include recitals, many optional miscellaneous activities, Junior Music Experience evaluations, and much more. Email LMA for more information at lovelandmusicacademy@gmail.com and start your child’s musical career in the right direction.